How to Modify Hole Callout By Default Data

User would like to remove the hole description from hole callout annotation, but remain the thread description like below: 

1. Insert a holecallout  in a drawing view,
2. and found that the variable for the second line is <hw-descrp>

3. Find the proper variable you want via clicking the icon “Callout Variables”
the desired variable is “<hw-threaddesc>”

4. Test the variable via inserting it.

5. Find the “calloutformat.txt” place from the option “File Locations”>”Hole Callout Format File”

6. Modify the “calloutformat.txt” that found from step 5. And find the correct standard and holetype. And then replace “<hw-descrp>” with “<hw-threaddesc>”

7. Save the “calloutformat.txt” and reinsert the hole callout to the drawing, the content is changed.

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