How to Activate Online SOLIDWORKS Licensing

Sometimes your working situation may require you to work remotely for a period of time, or perhaps you want to be able to access your SOLIDWORKS license from the office computer and your home computer without having to go through the activate/deactivate process. In those cases, switching to online licensing rather than standalone licensing may be the best course of action! 

What is an 'online license' when it comes to SOLIDWORKS?

An online SOLIDWORKS license allows you to work on any machine with your existing SOLIDWORKS ID and your own individual profile, meaning you can access your license from anywhere at any time. In order to use your online license, you'll need to login with your SOLIDWORKS ID, which is the same information you currently use to log in to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. 

Why would I switch to online licensing?

If you need to be able to access your license from different computers often, online licensing may be the way to go! The activating/deactivating process with standalone licensing works well in cases where you don't need to switch back and forth often. With online licensing, there is no concern about forgetting to deactivate a license on a machine - you will be prompted to log in every time you launch SOLIDWORKS, and it doesn't matter whether you closed your previous activte session or not. Even if you've left a file open it will prompt you to save before logging out and closing the session.

How do I activate online licensing?

1. You must first deactivate the SOLIDWORKS license from the standalone computer.

2. To deactivate the license, open SOLIDWORKS, go to the Help dropdown menu and click 'Deactivate Licenses'

3. After the deactivation process you will see the Deactivation Successful screen.

4. Once deactivated, log in to - If you do not already have a SOLIDWORKS ID created, you can create one now.

5. Once logged in, select Admin Portal from the drop down menu below your name in the top right side of the window.

6. For people accessing the Admin Portal for the first time, you may be greeted by a screen requiring you to take responsibility to be the Administrator for your company. This is required to proceed further but Administrator users can be added or removed at a later time. Be sure to read and accept the agreement and terms to continue.

7. To change a license to Online Licensing, search for the serial number in the Products tab and click it to look at the Product Details. Next, click on Change to Online Licensing. If you are unable to click this then that means the license is still activated on a computer and needs to be deactivated. If you are unable to do so, please contact our Support Team for assistance. 

8. Once the license is set up to use Online Licensing, you must assign this license to a user. In the Members tab you must search for the user and click their name to view the Member Details. Here you can search for what product you'd like to assign. Once you have found the correct serial number, click the license to select it and then click Assign Product.

You should then see the product under the Assigned Products area.

9. Once the product is assigned you can restart SOLIDWORKS. Upon the first restart, SOLIDWORKS will ask for you to try activating the license. When you do so an error message displays below. Simply close this window and reopen SOLIDWORKS.

10. When reopening SOLIDWORKS you will see a login window for your SOLIDWORKS ID. Enter your credentials used for

11. Once you have successfully logged in and SOLIDWORKS opens you will see a blue icon in the upper right corner of the window to indicate you are logged in. You also have access to MySolidWorks, the Customer Portal, and the Take Licenses Offline feature to be able to utilize SOLIDWORKS in situations where you do not have internet access.

If you run into any trouble switching to online licensing, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance! Reach us at or (416) 213-0533.

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