Immersive Technologies in Manufacturing - New Market Research Findings

A recent report explores how immersive technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, are being used across many different industrial sectors across the globe. The report looks at industrial sectors ranging from aerospace, to oil and gas, to construction, and at all stages throughout the product development lifecycle.

The full report is linked below, but some of the key items covered in the report include:

  • Immersive technologies will become $160 BILLION market within the next three years
  • Explores how manufacturers are currently using immersive technologies
  • Looks into whether those businesses using immersive technology are creating their solutions in-house or sourcing externally 
  • Discusses the perceived barriers to adopting immersive technologies 
  • Explore the future of immersive technology in manufacturin 


The future of immersive technologies is a bright one, in Canada and across the globe. Please contact us to learn more about how you can leverage these technologies to improve your business and stay competitive in today's market. Book a complimentary visit to our Customer Experience Centre to experience our immersive display technology first hand. 

Find the full report below:

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