Businesses often think that a basic headset and computer make for a complete Virtual Reality station, but in my experience, that isn’t necessarily the case. A good, comfortable VR experience is a key driver for Enterprise adoption of VR.

There are many accessories that can greatly aid in the experience when using VR in your business. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the VR accessories that I have found to be most useful:



The VRGE charging and docking station has a premium feel, and will protect, charge and organize your VR equipment. Don’t forget the magnetic charging cables to prevent frayed charging cables, and to avoid tripping over rogue cords.

Vive N Chill

The Vive N Chill provides effective, active cooling for your HTC Vive.

Hyperkin Skins

Hyperskin silicone skins for controllers and headsets add an extra layer of protection to your equipment and allow you to change the look and feel of your hardware with multiple available colors. These do work with the Vive N Chill!


Deluxe Audio Strap

In my opinion, these are an absolute must for the regular Vive (not the Pro). Adjustable earphones and added interior padding make your VR experience that much more comfortable and convenient, with 360-degree realistic sound.


3D Printed Joystick Mod

If the touch pad just doesn’t do it for you, adding a 3D printed joystick to your controller is a great option. I’ve enhanced mine with these joysticks and they work great!


VR Lens Protector

When individuals wearing glasses use VR headsets, they can be prone to scratches. The best way I’ve found to protect lenses is by using VR Lens Protectors.


Faux Leather Face Shield

Comfortable, durable and easy to clean. These face shields are thinner than most, increasing your field of view while also making your equipment easier to keep clean.


Sanitary Wipes

I would highly recommend having a box of cleansing wipes on hand, especially if you plan to have multiple colleagues, team members or customers using your VR equipment on a regular basis. Give the equipment a quick wipe after each use to keep your equipment clean.


Many of the accessories mentioned above are geared towards Vive users, but all should have an Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality counterpart. At CAD MicroSolutions, we provide many of these in a fully integrated VR kit that includes a laptop, HTC Vive, and base stations.


CAD MicroSolutions Portable VR Workstation

CAD MicroSolutions Portable VR Workstation

If you have any questions about integrating VR into your business, or making the right hardware and software selection, feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to help.


Jason Cohen

Director of Digital Experiences


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