CPES 2018: 3D Printing of Complex Multi-layer Circuitry and Antennas

As Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics, CPES 2018 was one event we couldn’t miss. Taking place at Centennial College May 23-24, the two-day show covered the broad spectrum of flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) and the value chain required to bring innovative products and applications to market. CAD MicroSolutions exhibited alongside our partner and leader in the additive electronics market, Nano Dimension, to showcase the unique 3D printing technology behind their award-winning DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer for electronics.

The CPES 2018 agenda included presentations from industry experts exploring the latest FHE technologies and featured the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance’s first Women in FHE STEM Award, which was won by Michelle Chretien, Director of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies at Sheridan College. The conference wrapped up with the annual CPES Innovation Awards, with TUKU in partnership with Array Marketing taking home the CPES 2018 New Product Award for their Array Lift to Learn & Tap to Learn retail display units.

During the Scaling Up 3D Printable Electronics session on day two, the President of Nano Dimension USA, Simon Fried, gave a presentation on 3D printing of complex multilayer circuitry and antennas.

To hear what Simon had to say, check out the video below.

Video Credit: Dayan Balevski (CAD MicroSolutions), intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, and Abigail Allam (https://www.tuxedia.com/)

For more information on Nano Dimension or the 3D printing of electronics, feel free to reach out to our team of Additive Manufacturing Consultants at AMsupport@cadmicro.com or by phone at 1-888-401-5885.