SolidWorks PCB – PCB Design with Ease

SolidWorks PCB (SW PCB), powered by Altium Designer, is a powerful PCB tool that enables designers to easily and efficiently design their Printed Circuit Boards. The tool offers a unified platform to allow for a single environment for library, schematic, and PCB design. One of the major highlights of the software is its inclusion of the SolidWorks PCB Connector, which is an unmatched collaboration tool that will allow PCB designers to collaborate with their mechanical counterparts to maintain mechanical constraints of their PCB boards. Having the best of both worlds from Altium and SolidWorks, SW PCB also inherits the classical ribbon system that is used throughout SW products, and this allows for better feature access and ease of use.


Each environment in SW PCB carries it own set of unique features to allow for ease of design and automation. Whether you’re designing your schematic and require in-depth error reporting capabilities, or designing your library and need supply chain association, or even laying out your board and require customizable design rules, SW PCB can improve your design cycle. The video below will shed light on some of the features and functionalities of SolidWorks PCB.



Taha Ramy, CID, B.ASc.

Electrical Applications Specialist

CAD MicroSolutions


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