The Top 5 SOLIDWORKS 2014 Features You Should Be Using

Of the 200+ enhancements of each upgrade release, we understand that you can’t possibly apply them all.  That’s why our team has spent some time to get to know the top five areas where improvements were made and we want to share them with you. Advanced Shape Control:
  • Fast and easy creation of complex geometry with one-click Style Spline functionality
  • Improved control over curvature of spline geometry
  • NEW Conic Fillet controls create smoother transitions for fillets
Sketch Enhancements:
  • Replace Sketch entity
  • Set Sketch and Sketch Picture scale when adding first dimension
  • Fixed length dimension for 2D splines
  • Stick font available for engraving
  • Path Length dimension for multiple Sketch entities – belts, chains, cables, perimeters, etc.
Enhanced Performance and Visualization:
  • Create assemblies faster with new in-context Quick Mate toolbar
  • Section View—Include/Exclude selected components
  • Delete parent features without deleting children
  • Pattern improvements including pattern driven patterns and assembly level sketch and curve driven patterns
  • Improved Mirroring, including mirror around bounding box and multi-body support
  • Significantly improved Section View performance
  • Create part Slot features with Hole Wizard and speed up assembly creation with new Slot Mate
  • Add rotation in Explode Steps so parts will automatically rotate
Weldment Improvements
  • Configurable weldment profiles allow changes to be made to structural members while keeping references intact
Faster Drawing Detailing
  • Create angular running dimensions
  • Set automatic limits for rows in tables
  • Turn a part drawing into an assembly drawing without losing references, with replace model for drawing views
  • Slot callout notes
See them in action; REGISTER HERE for a 30 minute online demonstration with Jonathan Culm July 17th.
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