Revisions of the documents in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

The designers and engineers sometimes are required to make changes to their drawings. If there is any change in the document, it is required to be given a revision number, the verification and validation date, and person. SOLIDWORKS Electrical helps with its automation and the revision of documents is updated just with few clicks. Not only that when the document is revised you can take a snapshot of the design (For snapshot details please read my last blog “Data Reuse capabilities of Solidworks Electrical”)


Figure 1 - Revisions option



The revision attributes can be added to the cover page or your templates which are updated with each revision. See figure 2.


Figure 2 - Attributes for revisions



Figure 3 - Revision 0 in cover page


As we enter revision window we can validate and verify the documents the names for validation and verification can also be changed here. See Figure 4 & 5.


Figure 4 - Validate document



Figure 5 - Verify document



Figure 6 - Revision of book and documents

We can print the drawings from here or we can push it to PDF, if not required we can cancel and just update the revision number. See figure 7.


Figure 7 - Print options for revised document 



Figure 8 - Snapshot of revised document


The whole process should be repeated when we want to update another revision. See figure 9

Figure 9 - Updated Revisions


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