Here’s why you can’t meet your deadlines

Being able to meet your deadlines, and deliver on what you have promised is an integral part of any job. It is so easy for a project to slide off the rails before it has even started properly. So, it is important to ensure that you can deliver on time, what you have promised to deliver. Mastering the art of meeting and managing deadlines is possible, but you need to have a plan and keep your finger on the pulse at all times. Here are potential reasons why you’re not meeting your deadlines.  

Unrealistic deadlines were set

Stakeholders often set deadlines they think are perfectly reasonable. With your technical knowledge, however, you know that they aren’t. You realize that the programming will take longer, or that you need to factor in time for small scope changes and setbacks. Don’t ignore your technical intuition. If you do and plan the project around stakeholder deadlines, you’re likely to fail; it’s not possible to reach the technical scope of the project within that timeframe. Make sure that you’re setting a realistic schedule for you and your team so that you can be successful.  

You don’t have the right tools, or they are outdated

Have you ever tried to build a house with a screwdriver instead of a drill? I’m not sure about you. Time is valuable and critical. Your manager or stakeholders may not be aware of the dated technology you are using. This means that unrealistic deadlines are created and you cannot finish the project on time due to the fact you have not invested in the right technology or tools for the job.  

Your staff has not been professionally trained

The rate of production is low when employees don't know enough to perform their jobs confidently. Unskilled employees could spend considerable time seeking help to perform their jobs or they could perform tasks to their understanding, to the detriment of the work process. This could lead to errors and delays. Supervisors and more experienced employees must also spend time monitoring unskilled workers, which detracts from their work and increases the amount of time necessary to complete the task at hand.  

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