5 Steps to Activate your License of MySolidWorks Professional

Now that you have a serial key for MySolidWorks Professional, you may be asking yourself 'how do I activate this'? Unlike other SOLIDWORKS serial keys, this doesn't run on the installation manager and it is a webpage - not software. With that said, follow the five steps below so that you can quickly get access to the additional features that MySolidWorks Professional offers:

  • Training
  • Prep courses for SOLIDWORKS certification exams
  • Reseller uploaded content
  • Access to the SPR database
Step By Step Instructions

Visit the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and either login, or create an account using your company information (email, etc.). After you create your account and login, look for the 'Register My Products' link

Activate MySolidWorks Professional

At this point, enter your serial key with no spaces (no spaces is important)

Activate MySolidWorks Professional

You will then be asked to pick a version - click on the check-mark to the right of the version field and select MySolidWorks Professional

Activate MySolidWorks Professional

Follow the prompts and then go to 'My Products' on the Customer Portal home screen and find MySolidWorks Professional listed - if not, wait about 20 minutes and then try again

Activate MySolidWorks Professional

Login to your My.SolidWorks.com account using your credentials and you should have access to all the wonderful training, prep courses and everything else that comes with MySolidWorks Professional.

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