Three Ways to Outsmart your Competition

In today’s global and hyper-competitive landscape, it’s no longer acceptable to design, sell and produce your products with traditional methods. Consumers are expecting better products at cheaper prices. Businesses overseas, which were typically fast followers, are starting to lead the charge with innovation cutting into market share. Businesses across North America are quickly adapting, but many are lagging behind. Here are three ways to get ahead of the curve and outsmart your competition.
Test While Designing
What if your designers and engineers could perform tests on designs before building prototypes? Now you can assign actual materials with material properties to your models. This unlocks the potential for stress testing, flow analysis, injection mold simulation and more. With these types of tools, multiple design and test iterations can be performed quickly and earlier in the design process. This allows for better product performance, less material used, reduced field failures and easier prediction of product behavior in real-life situations. Testing while designing enables your product to perform ahead of your competition.
Sell Before Production
What if your sales and marketing team could sell your product before it is built? Lean manufacturing principals are being adapted for front end of businesses. The sooner and cheaper you can “release” a product into the market and receive feedback, the better your chances at addressing real market needs and having a successful product. Instead of providing sales and marketing departments with photographs of physical products or physical prototypes, many businesses are starting to use the 3D design data to generate photo realistic images and animations. Now potential buyers can see, experience and even order products before any production happens. Taking advantage of this strategy will help shorten your time to market and establish your market share.
Build Without Drawings
What if your production team could accurately build your product without 2D drawings? Various militaries have audited their vehicle development process only to find tons of paper drawings that are required for each project and in one audit, 60% of the parts didn't match the drawings! The 3D models can now be leveraged to create model based definitions for manufacturing. All product manufacturing information is captured and communicated through interactive 3D interfaces/models. This process enables production and engineering to remain in sync, while reducing lead times and almost eliminating production communication errors. Take advantage of these methods and leave your competition in the dust! If you’d like more information on transforming your design, engineering and production process, contact CAD MicroSolutions for a free consultation. Joe Puiras CAD MicroSolutions Inc. 65 International Boulevard, Toronto ON, M9W 6L9 Canada | T: (416) 775-9713