Resetting SQL Server Login Credentials for PDM

System administrator account (‘SA’) in SQL server plays a vital role in managing the file vault database and the vault data. In this post, I will show you how to reset credentials for the system administrator account in SQL server and to integrate it with the server components of PDM.

Steps to reset SA credentials:

1) Log in to the SQL server host with windows administrator credentials.

2) Open SQL server management studio and connect to the database with ‘Windows Authentication’ SQL Server 1

3) Go to >Security>Login>sa>properties

SQL Server 2

4) Specify the new password. Click okay. Close the program

Reset SA credentials in Archive Server Configuration Tool

1) Log in to the archive server host computer.

2) Open archive server configuration tool at
                      Start>All Programs>Solidworks PDM>Archive Server Configuration.

If the tool is already open, it is displayed in the system tray. SQL Server 3

3) In the archive server configuration tool, go to tools>Default Settings.

SQL Server 4

4) In the SQL login box, click change and specify the new SA credentials.

Reset SA credentials in Database Server Configuration Tool
1) Log in to the database server host computer
2) Open database server configuration at
                                       Start>All Programs>Solidworks PDM>Database Server Configuration.

SWL Server 5

3) Specify the new SA credentials.  

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