Top 10 Technology Trend Predictions for 2017

CAD MicroSolutions Addresses Top 10 Technology Trend Predictions for 2017:

Each fall, Gartner, a provider of independent research and advice to IT companies, releases their Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for the coming year.   In a series of 3 blog posts, we would like to add our perspective on this list for 2017. Together with our partners at Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, Altium, and Markforged, we want to let you know that we have solutions that target these trends. Thankfully, we have invested in these trends for a number of years already.  Working together, we can empower your business with the power to innovate and succeed.                                                                        Garter’s 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2017 Top 10 Technology Trends for 2017                                                                                          (Image: source Gartner)

Trend #1: AI & Advanced Machine Learning (source Gartner)

SolidWorks Xdesign, which is coming later in 2017, has a design optimization tool in which the computer offers design solutions.  From a recent interview with Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks: “The idea is to free up the imagination of the engineer. Xdesign will suggest geometry based on stress and strain optimization algorithms to create the best design. We envision the machine telling you that this part is optimized from a statistical point of view, and now you as the engineer have to turn it into an industrial part. An engineer would then verify the part through their manufacturing experience and training.”                                                      Design Guidance in SolidWorks Xdesign (coming in 2017) SolidWorks Xdesign

Trend #2: Intelligent Apps (source Gartner)

In this context, intelligent apps are virtual assistants, intelligent ERP tools, or automated processes that can be improved with advanced analytics.  Perhaps ahead of the trend, CAD MicroSolutions saw 2016 portend this trend through the huge uptake in the use of SolidWorks PDM Standard and PDM Professional. In 2016, we saw our number of PDM implementations increase by 300%,  and the number of new licences sold increase by 185%. We expect to see this trend to invest in PDM and ERP integration accelerate even more in 2017.  Virtually all of our large customers have plans to further build out the PDM implementations in 2017. One way that we can help make our data more ‘personal’ is to make the data available in customized views on your smartphone, giving you real time access to your Engineering Department in a personal, customized and real-time way from anywhere.                 The Web2 Client for SolidWorks PDM Professional gives your the power of your vault on your smartphone PDM Smartphone  

Trend #3: Intelligent Things (source Gartner)

Here, Gartner references 3 categories: robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles. This is where CAD MicroSolutions sees the convergence of all our products to create a truly intelligent system, uniting conceptual design, engineering and manufacturing to create a unified customer experience ecosystem. 3DExperience applications, such as SolidWorks Xdesign and SolidWorks Industrial, reduce the barriers to innovation at the conceptual stage. Our partnership with Altium and SolidWorks brings products such as SolidWorks Electrical, SolidWorks PCB Connector and SolidWorks PCB,  and fully encompasses the demands of mechatronics engineering. Markforged promises to revolutionize manufacturing for robotics, drones, and autonomous vehicles. Our new favorite part is a unibody, 3D printed drone, which you can read more about at here. Print Carbon Fiber Parts. Perfect for Drones that have a higher strength-weight-ration than 6061 with Markforged Carbon Fiber drone   Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 of this series. Chris Watkinson Director CAD MicroSolutions Inc. M: 416-526-2042 O: 416-213-0533 x 216 See our SolidWorks 2017 Launch Highlights Here