What people are saying about Altium Designer

Functionality, breadth of features and ease of use top what designers like most about their preferred CAD software, while cost is their biggest concern. Those are the findings of a recent survey, undertaken by PCD&F, looking at which tools designers use – and which they prefer. Of the 269 designers who responded to the survey, 62% indicated they were senior PCB designers, and nearly 45% of all respondents said they have over 30 years of experience in the industry, while three-quarters have more than 20 years’ experience. More than 68% work for OEMs.  

What do designers like most about their preferred CAD software?

By far, functionality and breadth of features topped the list at 56%. Another 23% said their preferred CAD software is easy to use, while 6% said they like its speed best. Some 6% said it’s easy to learn. Cost was best for 5% of designers, and compatibility with other tools and collaboration capability received 2% of responses each. Almost ¼ of people agreed that “ease to use” is very important to them. While Altium is also a high-performing and intuitive PCB design tool, it is also claimed to be the easiest to use. Altium Designer                                             Best features of preferred CAD software. (Respondents were asked to choose one response.)   Reference Link http://pcdandf.com/pcdesign/index.php/magazine/11262-cad-survey-1612 Jamey Larocque, C.I.D Applications Specialist CAD MicroSolutions Inc. 65 International Boulevard, Toronto ON, M9W 6L9 Canada jameyl@cadmicro.com | T: (416) 213-0533 ext 232