Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam (CSWP)

If you’re looking for a way to help you stand out to potential employers or you would like to prove your valuable SolidWorks skills to solidify your current position,  you will find information about the Certified SolidWorks Professional Exam below, as well as the preparatory materials needed to be successful.
Suggested preparation material:
  • SolidWorks Built in Tutorial- SolidWorks 2013- CSWP/CSWA preparation
  • SolidProfessor self-learning Videos
  • SolidWorks sample paper
  • Other Resources: Google, YouTube, Blogs, Forums

We recommend taking the following SolidWorks Training Classes:
What do I need to take my CSWP? Required:
  • Connection to the Internet
  • VirtualTester Client
  • Commercial or Student Edition license SolidWorks 2008 or later
  • Dual monitors (If Possible)

Exam structure:
  • Three segments varying from 40 to 90 mins
  • Once a segment is passed user never has to repeat that segment
  • User can take segments in any order and at any time
  • Once all three segments are passed user automatically receives CSWP certificate
Segment 1: (90 Minutes)   SEG11  
  • Create a part from a drawing
  • Use linked dimensions and equations to aid in modeling
  • Use of equations to relate dimensions
  • Update of parameters and dimension sizes
  • Mass property analysis
  • Modification of geometry on initial part to create a more complex part
IMP: Practice Link dimension and equations. Change name or re-lable dimension Segment 2: (40 Minutes) SEG-2  
  • Creating configurations from other configurations
  • Changing configurations
  • Mass properties
  • Changing features of an existing SolidWorks part
IMP: Practice design table and adding configuration using design table. Segment 3: (80 Minutes) SEG-3  
  • Creating an assembly
  • Adding parts to an assembly
  • Doing collision detection when moving a part in an assembly
  • Mates
  • Replacing a part with another part in an assembly
  • Creating a coordinate system
  • Using a coordinate system to perform mass properties analysis
IMP: Practice advance mates, fixed and flexible assembly. Replace an existing part in assembly practice. Attention:-
  • Lack of preparation: Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. The secret - Painful and demanding practice and hard work.
  • Not paying attention to the question:  Read carefully and understand the question first. Pay attention to radius and diameter.
  • Do not make it difficult to update: Use Global variables or Design table.
  • Use many sketches and features: Avoid many sketches, use contour selection.
Once a SolidWorks user passes the CSWP – Core exam, they are eligible to join the LinkedIn group Certified SolidWorks Professionals. In my case, the real benefit is the learning experience and the self-confidence I developed after receiving my CSWP. Want to try out CSWP?  Watch for our next blog to be eligible to receive a free exam code. If you have any questions about the new CSWP exam, please contact us at solutions@cadmicro.com.

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