Glove Systems

Large Scale Inspection, Digital Insurance, and Build Trust and Remove Miscommunications

3D Model of a 15 Meter Condenser (left), Deviation analysis (right)

Use your Solidworks models for as-built measurement

Glove System’s measurement engine can help your fabrication workers visualize Solidworks models (.step) and measure as-built deviations against the 3D model. Anyone with SolidWorks Standard can use Glove Fit to instantly look at assembly deviations.

Current measurement (left), future measurement (right)

Easy-to-use QA/QC software for your workers

Rework caused by using out-of-date manual tools and processes drives considerable cost and timing risks for all the parties involved in a project. Equip your workforce with Glove Systems’ easy to use measurement platform for industry 4.0 measurement capabilities in 3D.

Increase your quality by using Glove Systems.

Improved quality, no more back charges

Use Glove Systems measurement platform to quickly detect all deviations in 3D before shipping assemblies to your customers. No more back charges and no more angry calls from the site team.

Automate key tasks, and be ready for Model Based Enterprise

Ship with confidence, prevent disputes, and win more business!

Prevent disputes with Glove System’s platform. Share your 3D images, reports, and other information with your clients, before the assembly is shipped. Provide increased transparency to earn your client’s trust.

Glove Systems - share and store pictures and reports
Share and store pictures and reports

Incorporate photos and inspection reports when you share your QA/QC results

All your documents are stored in the cloud. Reduce communication risks with sharing and collaboration workflows – no more back and forth emails and texts. Use Glove Systems to share your point clouds, models, pictures, and reports with anyone inside or outside of your team by simply clicking on the share icon.

Glove Systems - Weld Displacement Calculation
Track movement on large and complicated assemblies

Weld displacement calculation

Large weldments impact your assembly in various and often unpredictable ways. Use Glove Systems to track distortions before and after large weldments to understand displacements and to apply remedial action.


More Accurate Than A Tape Measure

Use advanced 3D laser scanning for reliable and accurate measurement

As Easy As Using A Tape Measure

Glove Fit is designed for your craftspeople on the shop floor

No Surprises For Your Customers

Share all the information (3d pictures, photos, and reports) before shipping an assembly to avoid surprises and client issues

No More Back Charges

Avoid back charges by having an accurate and precise record of your quality product

Earn Trust and Win More Business

Share up-to-date and accurate quality control information with your customers to gain your customer's trust and an advantage over your competitors

Proof Of Quality For Your Shop

All information (3D pictures, photos, and reports) is stored in the Microsoft's secure cloud for you forever

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