ZEISS Automated Solutions

Pushing the limits of what’s possible with advanced optical sensors on robots.

Digital-optical 3D sensor


Three measuring principles

ZEISS AIMax is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D inline metrology with an unique combination of three measuring principles in one compact sensor.

Capture 3D point clouds in-line

ZEISS AIMax cloud

Optical 3D sensor for in-line measurements

The ZEISS AIMax cloud optical 3D sensor is the new benchmark in robot-based 3D in-line metrology in the fields of sheet metal processing and car body construction. The sensor generates 3D point clouds directly at the production line and measures complex features with high precision in a fraction of a second.

Process inspection with stationary and mobile 3D sensors

ZEISS AIMax Inline and AIMax BestFit

Stationary and mobile 3D sensors

The AIMax Inline and AIMax BestFit fixed sensors from ZEISS are compact, optical 3D geometry sensors designed for industrial use with in-line measuring technology. A comprehensive technology package allows you to complete various tasks such as quality assurance, location recognition and production-control jobs, including robot guidance.

A correlation-free inline measuring cell

ZEISS AICell trace

The ZEISS AICell trace correlation-free in-line measuring cell enables real-time process monitoring of complex characteristics and ramp-up support of the car body production processes.

  • Correlation-free
  • Reliable measuring results starting with the first part
  • Usage in the production area including temperature fluctuations
  • Robot-Independent accuracy
  • Measurement of both individual parts and complete car body inline
  • Higher system accuracy