GOM Portable Solutions


Perfect for 3D measurement of small and medium sized objects up to 500mm. From simple 3D scanning to fully automated measurement and inspection processes, the ATOS Core provides high quality data for reverse engineering or rapid prototyping applications.

ATOS Compact Scan

A precise mobile 3D scanning solution providing unparalleled accuracy, sharpness and reliability. Whether scanning, inspecting, reverse engineering, probing or optimizing your parts, the ATOS Compact Scan is ideal for parts both small and large.


A new level of reliability and versatility in 3D scanning, making it a perfect fit for complex measurement and inspection tasks for industry use. Whether performing quality assurance for parts that were additively manufactured, plastic or injection molded, casted, punched, formed or otherwise, the ATOS Q rises to the challenge.


Portable and compact, the TRITOP system quickly and precisely measures the coordinates of 3D objects. Measuring tasks traditionally performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines are now easily achieved with GOM’s TRITOP system.