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Getting your product to market is about so much more than simply designing a board, and involves so many more stakeholders than just designers. Altium Vault unifies your components and design data together so you can easily manage and automate all of the small yet crucial details that take time away from designing.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Centralized Library Management
  • Complete Data Management Control
  • Seamless Project Collaboration

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Altium Vault capabilities


The Altium Vault family of enterprise products provides a centralized platform to support your design teams and your entire company to easily manage and automate all the small yet crucial details that take time away from designing because the little things are what make the big things possible. Please click on the tabs to learn more.

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Access parts from your trusted suppliers with the New Part Choice Catalog. Utilize thousands of components from Altium verified suppliers or add new enterprise source connections from your Vault web UI.

Easily leverage your existing component libraries in the Vault with Single-Step Library Migration.Securely centralize all of your trusted design assets without any setup hassles.

Maintain a complete perspective to avoid errors and preserve the integrity of your design projects by understanding what changes were made and when by your design team.

Work confidently with trusted design assets that are centrally secured and available for use by your entire design team. Easily make informed part selections with enhanced search capabilities and rich supply chain data.

Leverage the efficiencies of your existing design assets by creating, modifying and distributing project templates in the Vault for use by your entire design team. Keep your projects standardized with templates for Projects, Draftsman®, Scripts and BOM reports.

Ensure you’re always working with approved parts with managed lifecycle stages for every component in your Vault. Control your component stages to verify that only approved, current revision data is released.

Gain insight into where the components in your Vault are being used in every project. Understand how availability will affect your time-to-market goals with complete visibility over component usage.

Easily structure and organize components with support for explicit component types, then filter search results based on types to quickly find the components you need for your design project.

Allow your designers to make the most intelligent part selections with access to real-time availability and pricing data from trusted parts distributors or your own internal parts database.

Save time searching for the exact components you need in your projects with advanced search options and saved queries including unit-based range and component type search parameters.

Reduce design respins and release products faster by providing validated and error-free project snapshots structures with customized variants of project files for fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly.

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