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An Altium Subscription is a convenient and affordable way to keep constantly connected to the most up-to-date technology,content, and tech support. Subscription services provides design solutions that are tailored to fit your individual needs, so that you can design electronics in whatever way works for you. Altium has a vast network of technology resources available, and an Altium Subscription gives you full access to that network, streaming the latest updates, advances, and general technological knowledge to you in real time. In addition, a Subscription also gives you a say in Altium’s future. You can voice your opinion on the things in development at Altium, participating in discussions about new software features and other updates and enhancements.

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Altium Subscription capabilities


Altium Subscription is all about being connected to the latest developments in electronic design technology, content creation and technical support, in an affordable and flexible way. It allows your organization to plug into the continuous stream of content, updates, knowledge and technology improvements available in Altium’s ecosystem. It also gives you a louder voice in the discussion of future software features and enhancements, and influence over Altium’s development priorities. Please use the below tabs to learn more.

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Design Ready Content

The Altium Content Store is the place to go for board-level (unified) component libraries, design templates and reference designs. Meanwhile, the Altium Content Vault is where you can find the most comprehensive collection of supply-chain enabled design-ready components.

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Supply Chan Intelligence

Altium’s ecosystem unifies the design and supply chain spaces to provide designers with visibility into component price and availability information direct from suppliers. This allows Altium Subscribers to be better informed about their part selections and make choices that will ensure cost and time-to-market constraints can all be met.

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Access To Altium Designer Upgrades

With the frequency and depth of updates to Altium’s technologies increasing, Altium Subscribers gain immediate access to the latest Altium Designer features and enhancements the moment they are released.

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Technical Support

Our global team of technical support experts is committed to providing Altium Subscription customers with high-quality technical support. Our team will ensure that you have the knowledge and support you need to drive innovation in product development and bring your products to market faster, for less cost and with greater intelligence.

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Immediate access to the latest design tools, updates and the latest content lets you focus on creating innovative new products.

Avoid the costs associated with upgrading from one old license to the next static release. You get access to the latest updates on demand.

Being continuously connected to the latest from Altium is actually cheaper than paying for periodic upgrades. It simply costs you less to stay ahead of the competition, with a surplus budget allowing for other engineering investments.

The latest technology will always be at your fingertips, but you remain in control of when and how you access it. Itís the best of both worlds.
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